State-of-art Analysis

The Needs Analysis Report is the first output of the Erasmus + funded HRLAW Project. It has been undertaken by academic and administrative staff at National Aerospace University n. a. N. E. Zhukovsky “KhAI” in collaboration with academic staff at the following institutions:
– National Law University, Ukraine
– Khmelnitskiy National University, Ukraine
– International Scientific and Technical University, Ukraine
The main objective of this report is to identify and share the needs required in order to improve access and learning conditions for HEIs’ students in Ukraine. These needs have been identified through surveys and focus groups with staff and students HEIs. Focus groups were undertaken by researchers at each of the institutions and data were analyzed by research staff at KhAI.

The data was collected between January and May 2017, and the report has been reviewed, discussed and approved by staff at each participating institution.

The report was presented on the consortium meeting in Huddersfield university, UK.

The results of SWOT-analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) in Human Rights for Erasmus+ HRLAW project