Office of Student Ombudsman

The Ombudsman act independently from other persons, bodies and structural units of the University.  Any interference with or obstruction of the activities of the OSO by the governing bodies, structural units, their heads, officials of the University is prohibited. The governing bodies, units, their heads and officials of the University are obliged to respond to the oral and / or written inquiries of the Student Ombudsman on cases that are being pursued by the Ombudsman.

Typically OSO includes 1 Student Ombudsman and 2 assistants, who are allocated a room for work, computers and office equipment with the necessary components and supplies. This number of human resources should be sufficient to meet the requirements and demands placed on the Office. The Ombudsman produces annual reports and can use moral suasion should he be dissatisfied with steps taken by university administration to redress issues.

Establishment of the Ombudsman offices, their specific objectives and responsibilities corresponds to tasks and values described at the host universities’ Strategic plans; it controls the adherence of all the members of the academic community to the rights, freedoms and interests of students, and also contributes to the effectiveness of all the procedures at the university.

Student Ombudsman framework (sample)

Student Ombudsman Peer Review report (sample)

Booklet of Student Ombudsman office (sample)

Request for support by Student Ombudsman office (sample)

Approved and signed orders and regulations on Student Ombudsman Offices in partner  universities:

NLU Ombudsman regulations

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