Capacity building and QA control visit to Tallinn Technical university

According to the good tradition of visiting the city of the coordinator on the eve of Christmas and New Year, the project participants held a training seminar and coordination meeting in Tallinn Technical university on December 16-21, 2019.

The seminar program included lectures on the Erasmus + Jean Monnet Module “The Economic and Legal Evaluation of Digital Ecosystems in the EU Jon Pareliussen (OECD)”, a series of reports on the implementation of project tasks by Kristi Joamets, Study Program Director at the Department of Law, lectures by prof. Pawan Dutt on Human Rights and and legal challenges of biotechnology.

Based on the results of the coordination meeting, the project team reported on the implementation of the work plan for 2019 and agreed on open issues and tasks that need to be finalized in the last months of the project until April 2020.

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