TTÜ Department of Law is the winner of the EU competition

TTÜ Department of Law won the competition for the provision of research services to the European Commission in the field of the rights of EU citizens. The consortium is led by the European Centre for Political Science and, besides TTÜ Department of Law, also Maastricht University and European University Institute are involved in the research. The total cost of the project is half a million euros.

According to the head of TTÜ Department of Law Professor Tanel Kerikmäe (project coordinator for Ertasmus+ HRLAW project), citizenship of the European Union is an initiative that should enhance our European identity. “The goal of the project is to study the rights deriving from EU citizenship and the impact thereof on the political and legal environment. In particular, it will be interesting to analyze, which legal challenges are facing multilevel Europe in the digital era.”

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Study visit to the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

April 1-4, 2019, the study visit of ERASMUS + 573861-EPP-1-2016-
1-EE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP “European Human Rights Law” was held
at the Royal Technology University of KTH (Stockholm, Sweden)
for Universities of Ukraine and Moldova “- ERASMUS + HRLAW.
Khmelnytskyi National University was presented by the head of
the Department Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Govoruschenko Tetiana Oleksandrivna, Dean of the Faculty,
Professor Oleg Savenko, Associate Professor Sergey Lysenko
and Associate Professor of Law Doctor of Law, Associate
Professor Alla Hertz.

The first day of the coordination meeting was a round table with
the staff of the Royal Technological University, as well as a tour of the
territory, library, and buildings of the KTH University. During the
round table, the staff of the Royal Technological University
presented the University’s Strategy of Activities, the Student
Ombudsman’s Strategy and the Code of Academic Integrity
adopted by the KTH.

On the second day of the meeting, the staff of the Royal
Technological University presented the strategy of the
Department of International Relations conducted training on
writing grant applications, and talked about the features of
student and student lending mobility. In addition, on the second
day of the business trip, a project management session was held
on which T.O.Govoruschenko presented the results of the SWOT
analysis of the need for the Student Ombudsman, the Code of
Academic Integrity and the Commission on Academic Ethics at
Ukrainian Universities, and also described the approval process of
the Student’s Office Ombudsman at the Khmelnytsky National
University. Savenko O. S. told KTH partners about the peculiarities
of the process of approval of the Code of Academic Integrity and the
Commission on Academic Ethics at the Khmelnytsky National

In the third and fourth days of the coordination meeting, Ukrainian
partners took part in the training seminar “Gender and equality in
higher education in accordance with the European Human Rights